New Amazon Alexa app update gives it a redesign

Amazon have updated their Alexa app, to put your most used features and the Alexa assistant right on the home screen.

Rather than showing the date, weather and a list of third-party skill suggestions, the Alexa app will now shows a personalized home screen, with a large Alexa button up top, followed by your frequently used skills listed below. Be it alarms, music, shopping list, smart home controls, or how to get started for new Alexa owners, the home screen is tailored to each individual user. The home screen will no longer show third-party skill suggestions, instead favouring first-party skills.

As announced by Amazon earlier this month, this update will also include the ability to activate Alexa by simply saying “Alexa” when the app is open.

The hamburger menu icon is moved from the top left to a new More tab in the bottom right corner. Here you’ll find options such as adding devices, lists, reminders, skills, settings and more.

The update will be rolling out over the next month, with the update hitting all iOS, Android and Fire OS users by the end of August.

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