How much music streaming services pay in 2019

It’s incredibly hard to gauge exactly how much each music streaming service pays out and there’s no definitive rate as it can vary widely from stream to stream depending on context, where the music was streamed, and more. But here are the most accurate rates for all of the top streaming services compiled by Digital Music News.

This information doesn’t necessarily reflect what you will be paid by streaming services. As we say the rate fluctuates all the time depending on a whole range of variables. But as far as estimates go, this is about as accurate as it gets. We’ve listed each service in order of who pays out the highest rates per stream based on payouts in the United States.

Read Digital Music News full article on the streaming rates to see how they estimated the streaming rates and for more details on each service and their payouts.

Napster – $0.019 per play

Tidal – $0.01284 per play

Apple Music – $0.00783 per play

Google Play Music – $0.00676 per play

Deezer – $0.0064 per play

Spotify – $0.00437 per play

Amazon – $0.00402 per play

Pandora – $0.00133 per play

YouTube – $0.0.00069

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    Hi Jay, If you’re distributing your music through RouteNote then earnings from Napster, as well as all other services, will be available to see 45 days after the end of the month and will be paid out once you reach the $50 threshold. For example, if your music makes $50 on Napster in May then you would receive payment on July 15th.

    Hi guys, I was hoping some of you experienced folk could help me on this one. I am three months into streaming and although I am receiving revenue from all major platforms I have not received anything from Tidal! I was wondering if there is some sort of delay going on or if its something else.

    Hi Tinin,

    If you let me know the UPC of your release I can check what’s happened there and get back to you.

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