Triller is TikTok’s direct rival in the dedicated platform for short, vertical videos space – so how do their video lengths compare?

When TikTok was banned in India years ago, Triller stepped up to the plate as an alternative. They immediately leaped to the top of the app store, and remain a significant competitor today.

How long can Triller videos be in 2024?

You can record and upload videos that use licensed music up to 60 seconds long to Triller. The default length of a “Trill” is 16 seconds, but users can adjust their video length shorter and longer.

Offering a platform for short, vertical videos Triller represents the most direct competitor for TikTok. Whilst YouTube Shorts and Instagram Reels make up a huge portion of the market these days, they are built into YouTube and Instagram’s app rather than being the sole focus of those companies.

TikTok have been slowly expanding beyond their original 60-second limit. As long ago as 2020, TikTok began experimenting with a 3 minute maximum video length. Now, TikTok allows most users to upload videos up to 10 minutes in length. Premium content can be up to 20 minutes, and they’re even experimenting with up to 30 videos in length. There are also reports that TikTok want to explore landscape content!

Triller meanwhile have stayed close to their origins. Whether that will play to their benefit as TikTok pushes away users who simply wanted to keep watching short, vertical videos, or whether Triller will get left behind as other platforms evolve, we will have to see. Latest reports show Triller is in trouble for outstanding music licensing bills.