At RouteNote we’ve been working with artists and labels to transform the music industry and take the power back out of the major labels hands. But how does independent music distribution really work?

We launched RouteNote in 2007 as a solution for artists of any size to get themselves heard. At the time the new digital realm was only starting to present its potential for listening to music online and we worked with digital stores like iTunes and streaming services like Spotify to make the music of artists all over the world available to buy and stream globally.

Since then we’ve partnered with the the world’s biggest streaming services around the world and have more than half a million users distributing their music to the world with us.

How does it work?

Digital music distribution is changing the music distribution because it’s so simple and works so well for the artists and the streaming services.

With RouteNote, you can simply create your free account and then upload your music to us. Fill in the details like your artist name, album title, add your artwork, and so on.

Then once it’s ready we take a look to make sure everything looks as it should before sending it to any of our partners that you’ve selected. You can have your music up and streaming around the world within just a few days.

It’s really that simple!

What happens next?

Once your music is live on stores then you’ll start earning for every play and every download. 45 days after every month we’ll update your account with in-depth analytics from every store and send you your earnings once you reach the minimum payment threshold.

You can find out more and sign up for free today at