How to upload a song to Spotify

Getting your music onto Spotify is super easy with RouteNote and more importantly FREE!

How to get my music on Tencent

Want your music distributed to all the major stores and streaming services in China? You need to get your new release on Tencent.

Music distribution for producers explained

How do music producers get their tracks distributed online to Spotify and other streaming services, and start earning money from their music?

How music distribution deals work

With RouteNote there aren’t any complicated contracts or unexpected fees down the line. We even have a free distribution option!

How do music distribution companies work?

Music distribution companies take the music you send them and pass it on to online stores and streaming services.

How does digital music distribution work?

At RouteNote we’ve been working with artists and labels to transform the music industry and take the power back out of the major labels hands. But how does independent music distribution really work? We launched…