We’re celebrating 500,000 users on RouteNote!

We recently reached a huge milestone with more than a half a million users around the world now using RouteNote to get their music out across the globe.

RouteNote’s humble beginning saw an idea form in a tiny recording studio in Redruth, Cornwall. Noticing that the independent artists they worked with would record their albums, get them sounding great, only to have no way of reaching audiences with their recorded music.

RouteNote’s CEO, Steven Finch, ran with an idea that he thought capable of transforming the music industry for small artists and, joined by RouteNote COO James Bennett, they took to making it happen. Just two men in Cornwall with a dream to give independent artists the same opportunities as major label artists to get heard in the new digital economy of music.

13 years later we are an ever-growing team of more than 70 people and we’re celebrating 500,000 users. That’s right, a whopping half a million people are now getting their music on digital music platforms and getting heard all across the globe through us. 

We have always felt privileged to be able to empower independent artists and labels by putting music distribution in their hands. We have seen the industry transform in the last decade and now more than ever, the artist and label are in control of their music with the help of an ever-changing digital landscape which we are proud to be part of.

The journey does not stop here though! This is the beginning of a journey we have been on since the beginning to empower creators with bigger and better methods of taking control of their content and reaching a global audience on their own terms. 

We want to thank every single person who has joined us along the way and we hope that you join us as we continue to revolutionise industries in favour of the independent creators.Together we are changing the music industry for the better!

Head of Social Media and Marketing, RouteNote

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