How do I edit my artist profile on Apple Music?

Once your music is live and streaming on Apple Music it’s time to customise your artist profile and get the image you want.

At RouteNote we make it free and simple to release your music on all of the top services like Spotify, iTunes, Amazon and of course; Apple Music. Once it’s live you can track your streaming data and make your profile look just how you want it.

Apple Music for Artists is a platform just for artists with their music on Apple’s popular streaming service. It gives a detailed snapshot of how your music is performing in plays as well as milestones and showing playlists that are loving you.

On top of graphs and stats showing how your music is being streamed you can customise your artist profile. Once you’re signed in to Apple Music for Artists you can upload your own custom artist image for your artist profile and get the look you want.

It’s a great way to track who your real fans are. You can see which playlists people are discovering and listening to your music in. Take a look at the demographics to see who the people are that like you and where they come from. This can be invaluable information when deciding on where to tour.

Apple Music for Artists is currently in beta. You can apply to join the beta and wait to hear back from Apple with access to the service. Hopefully it will be released in full soon!

Sign up for free today to be added to waiting list for Apple Music for Artists beta.

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