A new report has revealed that an update is coming to Microsoft Groove with some fancy new features.

In an update coming to Windows 10 Microsoft are also updating various apps including their music streaming service Groove. Though nothing revolutionary will be added the update promises some nice new features to improve user experience, particularly mouse functionality.

The main new addition is hover menus, that will open up automatically when you hover over an album or artists. From the hover menus you can play all songs by the artist or in that album. When hovering over individual songs a selection box will appear which you can click to multi-select tracks.

That’s the change you’ll notice most easily but perhaps the most important part of the update you probably won’t notice. Microsoft have been working on how the app runs to improve performance for quicker access and improved gapless playback. As it stands gapless playback is available for mobile devices but strangely not on desktop, something the update will rectify.

Microsoft have also changed playlists so that they show up in their own galleries and improved synchronisation so that syncing new music is noticeably quicker. The final change makes it easier to reset your Groove account, deleting all your listening, libraries, and playlists, which can now be done from the settings in the Groove app.