Get to know: Spotify Mobile’s fresh new look

Spotify have updated their mobile apps with a fresh new look that cuts down on words and makes streaming easier.

Spotify has a new design for their app on iOS devices that they say will make streaming music even more streamlined than ever. Their new interface has brand new button designs and actions to play music.

Here are the new designs to get to know if you’re listening to Spotify on iOS:

Simpler and more universal Shuffle Play button

Spotify’s new green “shuffle play” icon reduces streaming to the click of one familiar button, which includes the shuffle icon.  

Easy to use Action Rows

All actions, including ‘like,’ ‘play,’ and ‘download’ for Premium users are grouped in a row at the central part of the screen. Plus, downloading for listening without Wi-Fi (for Premium users) now has a new icon—the same one that has been used for podcasts. Plus, the new row is your one-stop-shop for everything you’ll ever want to do one-handed—the experience is much more adaptive and responds to the size of your device.

New Track rows with cover art

Spotify are now showing a track’s cover art in all views except “Album” view. This will make it easier than ever to navigate the app and find familiar songs. Plus, they will highlight songs you’ve already “liked” by showing the heart icon next to the track name.

Spotify haven’t said when or if they’ll be bringing the updated designs to their Android app.

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