YouTube’s new role is a first in creating relationships and conversation with creators about the platform

In an effort to improve communications between the team and the community YouTube have made a new role to create conversations.

Susan Wojcicki, YouTube CEO and head, has said that they want to be more transparent with their community of creators about changes when they happen and what they will mean for them. To strengthen the relationship between the management and the creators they’ve appointed their first ever ‘Head Creator Liaison’.

Matt Koval takes on the role that aims to bridge the gap and extend a hand of understanding to channels and creators. His role will mostly see him communicating with artists to find out what it is they want and then acting as an advocate and ambassador for them in the company at large.

Koval says that his new role’s “goal is to help creators understand YouTube, and vice verse. Complicated stuff on both sides”. His previous roles have seen him as a creator himself since 2008, and since joined the team as a lead content strategist in 2012.

Koval’s position will require him to communicate with creators by social media, blog posts, videos, and in person. One of the primary aim seems to keep creators more in the loop when they are testing or launching new aspects of the website.

Wojcicki said last year that “creators say it feels like an inconvenience when we run experiments or make changes”. She noted that from their side they will often question “why we’re trying to fix something that doesn’t seem broken, and they want more of a heads up”.

So with Koval at the helm of a new liaison role hopefully creators will feel more at home on YouTube and like they have a voice to be heard.

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