How much mobile data does Spotify use?

Depending on your streaming quality and content Spotify can use a fair bit of mobile data, here’s some settings to check to avoid you going over your allotted amount.

Spotify update ‘Your Library’ with a new layout and features

The new ‘Your Library’ makes browsing your music and podcasts, faster and easier with search, dynamic filters, sorting, pins and a grid view.

How to get real-time Spotify statistics on mobile devices

Tracking how well your music is doing on Spotify no matter where you are is simple with the Spotify for Artists app for Android and iOS. With the Spotify for Artists mobile app you can…

Get to know: Spotify Mobile’s fresh new look

Spotify have updated their mobile apps with a fresh new look that cuts down on words and makes streaming easier. Spotify has a new design for their app on iOS devices that they say will…

Spotify App Calls For Invite Only

After launching a new app to the world to benefit from more music on your phone Spotify and found themselves with increasing demand, forcing them to revert back to invite only. The application, which is…