As a free RouteNote user you get even more opportunities to take your music to fans in unique ways for free on Push.FM.

Push.FM is our exciting new platform that is getting artists heard around the world and helping them to reach fans in unique ways.

When you sign up for free you get 1 Pre-Save page for fans to add your upcoming release to their library and 30 Fan Links that take everyone to the music service of their choice and start streaming your release instantly. You also have access to 1 GB worth of Content Unlocks for you to get fans involved in your music through exciting new promotions.

If you’re a RouteNote user you get even more benefits! Take that single Pre-Save and make it five so that, at no extra cost, you can send your next five releases to your fans, friends, and family and make sure they’ve got your upcoming new music ready in their libraries and playlists to listen as soon as it goes live.

How to sign up to Push.FM with your RouteNote account:

Push registration routenote users
  • Option 1: If you’re new to Push.FM then head to your RouteNote account or create one free if you don’t have one. Head to Your Account page and you won’t be able to miss the banner linking you to Push.FM. Select that and head to the registration page. You will be asked to enter your RouteNote ID and then you’ll be linked up with your bonus Pre-Saves!
  • Option 2: If you have already created a Push.FM account and did not sign up through your account at RouteNote then get in touch at with your RouteNote details and the email you’ve used to sign up to Push.FM and we can get them linked so that you receive your bonuses.