You have just over a month to get 3 months of Spotify Premium for free music streaming, and a discounted subscription if you recently left.

Get unlimited music streaming across millions of tracks at no cost with Spotify. Spotify are offering new and Free customers a chance to upgrade for ad-free, unlimited listening with offline plays and free audiobook listens.

Eligible Spotify Free and first-time customers can get 3 months of Spotify Premium at no cost. Even old Premium customers who cancelled their plan before October 27th can get 3 months of Spotify Premium for $10.99 – less than $4 per month.

The deal is running now, up until the end of the year on December 31st. Recent new features to entice customers to upgrade include an AI DJ, a daily personalised playlist, and 15 hours free audiobook listens.

Premium listeners also get the following benefits that free listeners don’t:

  • Ad-free music listening
  • Download to listen offline
  • Play songs in any order on all devices
  • High audio quality – 320 kbit/s compared to 160kbit/s on Free
  • Listen with friends in real-time using Spotify Jam
  • Customise your Now Playing queue

If you’re looking for a way to listen to all of your favourite Christmas classics without interruption this holiday period then look no further. Make use of Spotify’s Holiday 2023 Premium Offer and get your 3 months free or discounted.

The deal applies only to Spotify Premium Individual subscriptions and not any group subscriptions.

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