Spotify has just launched a neat new personalized playlist. ‘daylist’ updates throughout the day to match what you usually listen to.

Find yourself always reaching for chilled beats on a Sunday evening or get up tunes on a Monday morning? Well Spotify has long been analysing exactly what kind of music you like to listen to and when.

daylist is a new 50-song (2-3 hours) personalized playlist that updates multiple times through the day, based on what you usually listen to at various points through the day or even week. So for me, apparently I listen to lively electronic music on a Tuesday, with my playlist titled “daylist • pump up beats tuesday” and the description “You listened to motivation on Tuesdays. Here’s some: beats, pump up electronic music, mashup, remix, and motivation”. No one’s the same, so you may see “teen pop scream afternoon”, “bedroom pop banger early morning”, “bollywood bop afternoon”, “happy dance energy friday morning”, or “90s rave rainforest late night”.

daylist is available today to all Free and Premium users in the U.S., Canada, the U.K., Australia, New Zealand, and Ireland.

To check out your own daylist, head to, search for “daylist” on desktop or mobile, or find it in the Made For You hub on mobile. On mobile, you’ll also be able to see when the next update is due.

If you find yourself loving a particular version of the playlist, save it and make a copy by adding it to your own playlist. Spotify are hoping daylists will be the next Wrapped, with shareability built-in. Simply tap the share icon at the top of your playlist and choose between the three sharecards. These highlight the title, top songs and artwork, that changes throughout the day, so you can share your niche tastes or more likely basic, guilty pleasures.

Image Credit: Spotify

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