India’s biggest music streaming service enters the new year strongly with 125 million users and new partnerships.

Just before we entered 2020 and a new year of growth and competition in music streaming, Gaana announced they now have more than 125 million monthly active users. The Indian music streaming service retains the biggest reach of any service in the region.

In April of last year the streaming service announced it had made the milestone of 100 million MAUs. They announced in November that their growth had increased by 27%. With an average of just over 3 million new monthly users per month over the last 8 months, Gaana are in a strong position in India.

Despite healthy competition from other services, Asian and beyond, Gaana are firmly the leaders for music streaming in India. Major Swedish streaming service Spotify launched in India last February. With an impressive start they gained over 1 million users in just 5 days, though that growth slowed and they then didn’t reach 2 million until August.

Following similar announcements from Spotify and Pandora, Gaana have revealed that they are looking into interactive voice ads. They have partnered with Instreamatic, a tech company creating ads that users can talk to. Pandora are working with the same company to create interactive ads.

Gaana announced: “With this partnership, Gaana listeners will engage with voice ads that present them with verbal prompts from a brand. For example, an ad’s call-to-action might invite the listener to respond affirmatively in order to receive more information about a product, or negatively to simply skip the ad.”

Gaana are now streaming more than 3.2 billion tracks a month. With investment from China’s massive tech company Tencent, 2020 should be a big year for their growth in users and services.