Gaana have blown away all expectations for their growth with 20% growth for the Indian streamer in the first month of 2020.

At the start of the year we reported on Gaana’s strong entry into 2020, with big technological plans and a strong user-base of 125 million. It was a considerable amount of growth after announcing 100 million in April. However, they have since grown an unthinkable amount.

In less than 2 months, since they announced 125 million users, the latest picture shows them now sitting at 152 million users. It was reported in the Wall Street Journal as they reported on the Indian music streaming service.

Their incredible growth was questioned considering their impressive but steady growth before December. It has since been confirmed in publication ‘The Times of India’, owned by the same media group as Gaana, by the service’s CEO.

Gaana CEO Prashan Agarwhal confirmed the statistic, saying: “Touching the 150 million users milestone is a testimony to the efforts of our incredible team and our vision to bring the most intuitive and immersive musical experience to our users.

“This achievement will offer us a stronger motivation to leverage our proprietary AI-driven algorithms and newly launched features in newer ways at greater scale to enable the next generation of music-lovers to discover our unending collection of songs and offer them a more immersive and fulfilling experience.”

This is incredible growth and perhaps comes as a result of their 125 million announcement being later than the actual milestone. If they truly have reached 150 million since mid-December then Gaana really are going to be one to watch.