The perfect amalgamation of digital technology’s scope and analog’s reliability and natural sounds is yet to be found – or is it?

The Mod Duo is an ambitious effects pedal that offers “maximum flexibility” by combining audio, MIDI and USB capabilities into one box. It takes multi-effects pedals to the next level with total digital compatibility allowing for endless possibilities creating your own pedal-boards and combinations.

The Mod Duo itself is a fairly standard looking stompbox, with two foot switches and two screens where you can view and customise your effects. Connect it up to your PC however and you have access to thousands of combinations, creating, loading and sharing effects and pedalboards. Within an instant you can download a new effect and slot it into your mix.

Surely with access to “unlimited effects” two footswitches leaves you a bit limited for live playing? Well the Mod (Musical Operating Devices) team also have a range of extra pedals you can purchase and connect up for full control over your effects. They offer an expression pedal which you can use to control any effects and a footswitch extender with 4 extra foot switches.

If you’re technologically inclined you can customise the peripherals of the Mod Duo to use its effects with any sensors. For example you could use a photodetector for a theremin type effect, gyroscopic function for movement based effects and much more. Essentially the possibilities are as vast as you can imagine them being.

The Mod Duo isn’t limited in how it can be used either, working incredibly with guitar, keys, bass, vocals and essentially anything you can plug through it. It started as a Kickstarter 2 years ago and following the success of their fundraising the Mod team are continuing to innovate and expand in unique ways.

Here’s all that’s going on with the Mod Duo:


  • Completely independent audio inputs and outputs
  • Configurable input and output gain: use it with any instrument
  • Outputs usable in balanced and unbalanced mode: connect to any device
  • Headphone out with dedicated volume control and direct monitoring option
  • High-fidelity audio path
  • Relay-based True-Bypass


  • Full MIDI support – both legacy DIN and USB MIDI
  • USB-host port for connecting peripherals (Bluetooth dongles, etc)
  • Expand connectivity with a USB hub
  • USB-device port for connecting to the computer
  • Control Chain port for connecting MOD peripherals


  • Power supply that works in every country (100V ~ 240V @ 50 ~ 60 Hz)
  • Compact footprint: 180 x 74.7 x 160 (W x H x D, millimeters) / 1.2 kg

You can find out more and purchase your own for €649 here. You can even test it out for 30 days and send it back if you’re not convinced.