The unique online music recording app Soundtrap has just raised $6 million in funding to push the company further and help them enter new markets.

The Series A funding round was led by Nordic VC firm Industrifonden and raised a whopping $6 million for Soundtrap, bringing their total funding up to $8.5 million. Soundtrap launched it’s collaborative, online based DAW online last June and has since exploded in popularity with schemes in schools around the world and they’re expected to finish the year with over a million users.

Soundtrap co-founder and CEO, Per Emmanuelsson said: “Our vision is for Soundtrap to be the go-to platform for everyone, everywhere, to collaborate around music making and creative audio production across any device. As we enter new markets in the education and consumer sectors, we have our sights set on accelerating our first mover advantage in product and business development.

“We recently signed a North American distribution agreement with SYNNEX Corporation (NYSE:SNX), a leading technology solutions distributor, becoming the first and only music education solution within SYNNEX’s portfolio.”

The online DAW Soundtrap made a name for itself in it’s unique take on music recording. Not only did it have full recording capabilities, including MIDI and audio inputs, on a website but it created a platform where creators could share and build their music with others whilst they create the music. They’ve even expanded the experience onto mobile devices so you can always be making music.

In our review of Soundtrap last year I noted how accessible the app is, requiring a simple sign up on a website before you can start playing, recording and creating. I found it’s ‘Collaborate’ options a stand out feature that not only allowed you to connect with friends but also to find other artists/creators to collaborate with. You  can even search users for a specific instrument you want added into your mix. I ended up placing it into our list of the 10 Best Free DAWs.

Investment manager at Industrifonden, Malin Carlstrom said: “We’re very excited about Soundtrap. The company has a stellar team that has developed a technologically advanced product with an interface loved but its users – for which there is a grand vision. Now, music and sound creativity can be unleashed amongst groups that until today have been limited and deterred by complex and complicated solutions.”