Google buy FameBit for unique branding opportunities on YouTube

Google have bought FameBit to connect brands with their most creative users across YouTube and Google’s other sites.

FameBit have revealed that they’ve been purchased by web giants Google. FameBit are a company that connects up digital influencers and talent with brands around the world to create unique advertising opportunities.

Combining the talent and niche audiences of online creators, like YouTubers, FameBit helped connect them with companies for unique marketing opportunities. It provides a unique opportunity for both the brand, but also the creator who can get paid or receive certain benefits from doing a promotion. In under 3 years FameBit has created over 25,000 videos with brands and creators.

With Google’s purchase of FameBit they will be opening up brand new opportunities thanks to Google’s connections with brands around the world and of course their biggest resource for talented creators – YouTube. With YouTube and FameBit working under the same parent company there will be an almost unlimited amount of talented creators and personalities with which to work on unique branding opportunities with.

In a blog post by Google, they said: “As we look to the future, we want even more creators and brands to come together and realize the benefits of these creative collaborations. We believe that Google’s relationship with brands and YouTube’s partnerships with creators, combined with FameBit’s technology and expertise, will help increase the number of branded content opportunities available, bringing even more revenue into the online video community.”

Although FameBit turned themselves into a success, with Google behind them their opportunities increase tenfold. Just in the last year the top 100 advertisers on YouTube increased spending on YouTube video adverts by 50%. With the ability to actually work with creators on creative advertising with further reach advertisers will likely come flocking to YouTube for distinctive online marketing.

In a statement to creators FameBit showed their gratitude for all of their users and assured this wasn’t the end, rather the opposite, saying: “From the bottom of our hearts we want to say thank you to every creator that signed up for FameBit, referred a friend or connected with a brand for sponsorship. It’s because of you that we exist. Our mission and commitment to your success remains stronger than ever, and now that we’re aligned with Google, we can’t wait to see what the future brings.”

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