Soundtrap is the first online collaborative music recording studio that you can use with iOS, Android, Chromebook, Mac and Windows.

What Soundtrap aims to do is not only create an easy to use (and even easier to access) Digital Audio Workstation but also to give the opportunity to turn the creative process into a social one.

With Soundtrap you can share your projects with anyone and collaborate and edit recordings with people around the world.

When it comes to the actual software it is potentially the most accessible DAW I have ever seen however with that simplicity there is of course a lack of depth to the editing tools available, but don’t let that dissuade you from Soundtrap’s potential.

Creating an account is as easy as linking your email or Facebook and once you’re signed up you can enter the studio straight away in your browser.

You have of choice of inputs ranging from your computer or device’s microphone, importing sounds, connecting an instrument or external microphone, midi devices and Soundtrap’s in built drum kit or keyboard.

You also have a fair range of loops to choose from so you can instantly get in and start piecing together tracks or use them as backing to your own original productions.

To the side above the loops section is the “collaborate” section where Soundtrap really stands out. From here you can invite friends, search people by instrument or username, video chat with whoever you’re collaborating with and text chat using an in built messaging system.

At the bottom of the screen we have the main controls which consist of no more than what you’d expect with master volume, time tracker, record, play, rewind, play, forward fast, tempo, key and metronome.

While not being the most feature heavy DAW out there for an in-browser software I was surprised at the efficiency of it’s in-built drum kit and keyboard, both featuring a variety of keyboard sounds and kits.

Soundtrap also has an impressive number of built in effects that you can add to your tracks and instruments all of which feature variable knobs allowing you to fine tune the use of effects. Soundtrap features in-built flanger, phaser, rotary, auto-wah, vibrato, chorus and delay to name but a few.

Did I mention that everything I’ve listed so far is free to use? That’s right you can access the software for FREE, allowing you access to 5 projects, 480 loops and 125 instruments.

Of course there are paid options for more features with a $4.79/£2.99 per month fee for 50 projects, 930 loops and 133 instruments. Their premium subscription is available for $9.59/£5.99 and gives you unlimited projects, 1290 loops and 152 instruments. You can also get a free month of premium.

Soundtrap recommends in-browser use on Google Chrome or Safari. They don’t currently have an app for mobile users, with one planned for the future, however you can access the website on mobile browsers to explore, listen and comment anywhere.

Go here to check it out yourself for free!