Spotify Fresh Finds are launching a partnership program for independent artists

Image Credit: Spotify

The program built around the Fresh Finds playlist will help developing artists learn, collaborate and grow.

Launched in 2016, Spotify’s Fresh Finds editorial playlist showcases the best new music from independent artists and labels. The playlist has pulled in over 754k likes, helping kickstart the musical careers of Clairo, Omar Apollo, Curtis Waters, 100 gecs, Amine and countless more. In the past five years, over 25,000 artists have featured on Fresh Finds, with the Spotify playlist promoting these up-and-comers globally into the mainstream.

On average, artists added to the playlist see their monthly listeners increasing by 108% in the 28-days following the add, compared to the previous 28-days. For artists whose first Spotify editorial playlist is Fresh Finds, over 44% go on to be added to another editorial playlist on Spotify.

The first four artists to join the initial class of Spotify’s Fresh Finds program include Wallice, Unusual Demont, Julia Wolf and EKKSTACY. Spotify list the suite of opportunities that the new program will provide these artists:

  • Education & Access to Resources: Each artist will have access to an array of tools and opportunities to accelerate their careers, including personalized Masterclasses and mentorship, credits to use on Spotify for Artists resources (Marquee and SoundBetter’s Canvas designer category), and more. 
  • Creative Collaboration: The artists will be given the opportunity to each create an original song that will be released in June under the Spotify Singles banner.  Spotify’s Songwriter & Publishing Noteable team has paired the four artists with producers who understand each of their unique visions:
  • Marketing Support: The four artists will be featured in a major marketing campaign on-and-off platform, as well as taking part in a social media documentary series, Spotify Clips, and more.

On top of the new program, Spotify are also launching 13 new regional Fresh Finds playlists in Brazil, Spain, Australia/NZ, UK/IE, Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore/Malaysia, Vietnam, India, Italy, Germany/Switzerland/Austria, South Korea and Turkey.

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