No matter what country you’re in or genre of music you’re making, we can help you get that music from your PC, onto streaming services around the world.

Why do over half a million artists and labels choose RouteNote for music distribution? Because we offer a simple solution to all users, free of charge. Music streaming is growing massively in India at the moment, with estimates last year saying around 200 million people in the country were streaming across platforms. We can help publish your music to stores in the country such as JioSaavn.

Simply head to RouteNote, upload your tracks, and select the stores, streaming services and social media platforms your want to distribute your music to such as JioSaavn, Spotify, YouTube Music, Apple Music, Amazon Music and many more. Then choose whether you want to distribute your music for free or using our Premium service. RouteNote’s Free Distribution gets you all the same stores and features, costs absolutely nothing and you keep 85% of the revenue. RouteNote Premium Distribution costs a small fee, while artists keep 100% of the revenue generated. Once you’re release is complete, our dedicated moderation team will take a listen to make sure everything’s sounding good, and get your music published within days.

The fun doesn’t stop at distribution. RouteNote’s partner site offer marketing tools to help you spread your music far and wide for free. Fan Links combine all the stores, streaming services and social platforms that hold your music in one customisable landing page. Pre-saves are the pre-orders of the streaming world, delivering your music to your fans’ streaming profiles on day one. Content Unlocks give you a way of rewarding fans for social action, for example a free MP3 download in exchange for following you on Twitter.

Head to RouteNote today to get started!