One of the best free effect plugins Softube Saturation Knob just got even better

Image Credit: Softube

Softube’s Extended Features give free VST Saturation Knob gain control – and now it’s perfect.

Saturation Knob is a very popular free VST plugin – it’s simple, it works, and it’s free. You can use the saturation effect plugin to add warm distortion and body to your tracks.

The one negative was the increase in volume that happens when you apply the saturation. Good news! Softube’s latest update adds gain control to the free plugin.

The changes are part of the Extended Features update from Softube, which adds a touch more sophistication to its plugins in the form of extra panels. The plugin stays the same – there’s three modes to choose from, adjusted by one large knob – but you get more control by using the new features.

The updated Saturation Knob VST includes:

  • The classic three saturation modes – Keep High, Neutral, Keep Low
  • Full customization – configure or hide the extra controls
  • Phase invert feature
  • Control over input and output gain, and headroom
  • Peak, True-Peak, RMS and LUFS metering modes
  • High-pass filter

The plugin is available as a free VST, AU, or AAX. You’ll need free Softube and iLok accounts.

Download Saturation Knob for Windows or Mac here.

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