One of the best free effect plugins Softube Saturation Knob just got even better

Softube’s Extended Features give the free VST Saturation Knob gain control – and now it’s perfect.

Free VST – spring reverb plugin from Fuse Audio Labs

Get bouncy with the VREV-666 free reverb plugin, available to download now.

Get Martinic’s most popular plugin Kee Bass for free

The gorgeous retro bass sound of Kee Bass is just a free download away.

An introduction to VST – getting started with plugins (2021)

Feeling lost in the music producing world of VST and plugins? Check out our guide for beginners.

Instantly beef up your sounds with Aden’s new BIGGIFIER effect plugin

One knob, five ways to get a big, fat sound using BIGGIFIER from WA Production and Jonas Aden.

Get the vintage sound of an electric piano recorded on cassette tape with this free, sweet VST plugin!

Cassette Roads offers a beautifully unique sound to play around with and record for completely free. Listen to the demo below and you’ll see why this is an exciting plugin to add to your collection….

The 5 best FREE guitar and bass VST plugins 2020

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Free VST Synth – ZombieKillah 2 from Sonic Entropy

Keeping on the theme of brilliantly named VST plugins, Hungarian drum and bass producer Sonic Entropy has developed a VSTsynth with the moniker ZombieKillah 2. Top features are: 2 detuned oscillators 1 sub bass oscillator…