Moog’s incredible Model 15 iOS app is now a free VST

Image Credit: Moog

You can now download the Model 15 synthesizer app as a free plugin to use within DAWs including Ableton Live.

Moog are spoiling us. Building on the success of the amazing Model 15 iOS app, Moog Music have now made the modular synthesizer recreation available as a free VST wrapper.

The Model 15 app is designed to educate the uninitiated about modular synthesis. The iconic synth is recreated in perfect detail, keeping the powerful sound. Tutorial patches help users of different levels learn the ins and outs of the classic modular synthesizer.

Image Credit: Moog

The app was made available on Mac and as an AU plugin earlier this year. Now Mac users who already have Model 15 installed on their system can run it in their DAW as a VST. The free VST plugin keeps all the features of the app, including patching and cable colouring, looping recorder, and voltage-controlled stereo ping-pong delay.

The VST wrapper means that the app can run within DAWs like Ableton Live that don’t support AU plugins. The integration is only available on Macs running Big Sur version 11.0.1 or later.

The Model 15 app runs standalone or as an effect within an audio chain, as an AU v3 plugin, AU v2 plugin, and as a VST3 plugin.

Download Moog Model 15 VST Wrapper for free here.

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