The perfect festival for you is out there with the greatest combination of all your favourite acts, and with the new Festival Finder you can find yours with the click of a button.

Spotify have teamed up with Festicket to translate all of the music that you listen to into the festival that is most likely to rock your socks off. Festicket are a UK based company for booking festivals online and they have brought their comprehensive database of festivals to Spotify’s extensive knowledge of your music tastes and trends to select you up the finest plate of musical acts for your festie consumption.

Finding the ultimate festival for you is easy with Festicket’s new Festival Finder. The app links up with Spotify to scan through your listening history, check out your music library and see what trends and artists are putting the vibes up your spine this year. Based on the artists you’ve been listening to, especially more recently and prominently, Festival Finder will then search through it’s database of music and culture gatherings from the largest to the most niche events and find the one that seems best tailored to you and your likes.

The UK based startup Festicket have said: “The Festival Finder benefits from Festicket’s extensive database of festivals, which, when paired with artist intelligence from Spotify, can be used to make a selection that is personalised just for you.” Whilst a lot of us know what music we like it can be hard when scouring the plethora of amazing festivals around the world to find the one’s not just with your favourite artists but with a whole bunch of them.

When you log in to your Spotify account on Festival Finder the site will check out the music you love and then offer you up the top ten celebrations that feature the artists you listen to the most. Thanks to Festicket’s great booking system, if you decide you want to go to a cracking looking festival there and then you can select to book tickets and even arrange accommodation and transport from their site making it simple to plan your perfect weekend. They say they want to make festival booking as easy a package holiday.

Festicket’s founder and CEO, Zack Sabban says: “We now offer over 1,000 festivals on the platform, and we know first-hand how overwhelming it can be when trying to pick out the one to go to. Our Festival Finder solves that problem by presenting a tailored list of festivals that best match your listening habits, including some under the radar gems that could soon become your new favourite festival destination.”

Festicket say that this is just the beginning and that they want to carry on building their site with integrations to create an “intelligent engine” for discovering festivals beyond their unification and simplification of booking everything for your next big festie.

Give it a go and potentially find your new favourite festival: