Get your tracks on Spotify’s top playlists with their new beta

Playlists on Spotify have become an amazing way to break rising artists and put them in front of millions of potential new listeners – your chance to be featured just got easier.

Spotify have just launched the beta for a tool that lets artists submit their music for consideration to be included in any of their hundreds of massively popular playlists. The new feature joins the Spotify for Artists and Spotify Analytics hubs which allows artists and labels to share unreleased music with the Spotify team and then their editors and curators will take a listen and see if it fits their awesome playlists.

Everyone will have the chance to test the new feature whether you’re an artist, label, manager or a member of that artist’s team. It’s as simple as logging into Spotify for Artists, or Spotify Analytics for labels, and then you will have the option to select one unreleased song to submit to the team for playlist consideration.

Spotify say: “At Spotify, our goal is to match every listener with the perfect music for them. That’s why we have a team of over 100 editors around the world – music experts and cultural ambassadors whose job is to spread the joy of music discovery everywhere from Brazil to Japan to Turkey. Today, we’re introducing a beta feature as part of Spotify for Artists and Spotify Analytics designed to make it easier for artists and labels to share unreleased music with this team — so our editors can create better playlists and artists have a better shot at landing on one.”

We’ve seen the power of playlists time and time again at RouteNote. We’ve been working with Spotify to send certain tracks uploaded to us for consideration in their playlists and the results have been outstanding. We saw producer Borrtex grow his plays from thousands to hundreds-of-thousands within days after he was added to Spotify’s giant Sleep playlist with 2.2 million followers.

Spotify’s release statement ended on their plans for the future for:

Beta means this is the first step. With more than 75,000 artists featured on editorial playlists each week, and another 150,000 on Discover Weekly, we know how important it is to get this right. We’ll continue evolving this feature based on your feedback, so artists, labels, managers and partners can all help us create better playlists for Spotify listeners.

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