Image Credit: Spotify

What’s a good podcast to listen to? Use the new Spotify podcast recommendation game to Find the One.

Every day nowadays seems to be the International Day of Something, so you’d be forgiven for missing International Podcast Day on September 30th. Spotify, however, remembered and celebrated by launching a new podcast recommendation experience that helps users find the perfect podcast to listen to.

The fun free feature, Find The One, picks a new podcast for you to try via a series of interactive quiz questions. Give it a go here.

Spotify podcast recommendation
Image Credit: Spotify

Is there a correlation between a listener’s favourite artist and their favourite podcast? To find out, Spotify also spent International Podcast Day doing a bit of digging and found that fans of the same artist often enjoy the same podcasts.

Spotify discovered that Beyoncé fans also listen to Dissect podcast, and many Lady Gaga listeners enjoy Race Chaser with Alaska & William. Country music listeners seem to lean towards current affairs podcasts. Going by the data Spotify also surmised that if you like BTS, you might well enjoy Daebak Show w/ Eric Nam.

Users who listen to a lot of Taylor Swift also tune in to Dare to Lead with Brené Brown and also Crime Junkie – a preference for true crime and self-help podcasts that is apparently also true of fans of Kacey Musgraves. And predictably, Queen fans also enjoy listening to The Queen Podcast.