Fender, the notorious guitar manufacturers, are entering the world of mobile apps with their very first application ‘Fender Tune’.

Fender are known the world over by musicians, particularly guitarists and bassists. From Jimi Hendrix to John Frusciante, Fender’s influence is everywhere in music and can claim responsibility for the guitar and/or amplification from many of the biggest tracks in the world.

Fender are moving into a new market having already dominated guitars, amps, basses, even trying their hand at earphones, and are now attempting to enter the handheld application business. Fender Tune is a fairly self-explanatory app, it’s a guitar and bass tuner for iOS (iPhone only unfortunately) created by Fender’s new digital development team – Fender Digital.

The app’s core tuning features have been designed to make it “easy for beginners, accurate for pros”. It’s auto-tuning features uses your device microphone to listen to the notes and tell you how to get in tune, the manual setting plays you real Fender guitar note samples using an interactive Fender headstock for tuning by ear.

guitar bass Fender application

Fender Tune also features a ‘Tips’ section where an illustrated guide will help newbies tune their guitar up straight out of the case. Leading their new digital team, Ethan Kaplan said: “Fender Tune marks the first product introduction from Fender Digital, the brand’s new digital subsidiary, and players first foray into the new ecosystem experience being developed for every player at every stage of their development.”

Fender application iOS iPhone

As with any self-respecting tuner, especially one coming from one of guitar’s top dogs, Fender Tune has a variety of 22 different tunings you can tune to with a custom tuning option for limitless range. Whilst the app is nothing revolutionary this is only the beginning of what their new digital division can offer and it will be exciting to see what else they come out with.

You can download Fender Tune for free on iPhone now from the Apple App Store.