Fatten your mix for free with Xpander stereo widener plugin

Image Credit: OZ-Soft

For professional filtering through to making the biggest fattest mix, grab this stereo widening plugin free from Oz-Soft.

Turn your thin tracks into a lush, rich soundscape, transform sounds from mono to stereo, and give your production fatter layers with new free VST Xpander.

OZ-Soft’s free plugin is easy to use on any sounds that could do with being a bit fuller, or manipulated to take things to a crazier level. Xpander has three panels to modify the stereo image with simple to use controls to widen, fatten, and shape sounds.

The built in EQ of the Enhancer means you can tweak and boost for that last little bit of sound sculpting to make the effect perfect and professional-sounding.

The Unisono panel meanwhile lends a hefty, fatter sound. The Phatt knob creates layer after layer and the Detune boosts the effect. The Leak knob lends a chorus-like effect.

Image Credit: OZ-Soft

The Widener section lets you go as super-wide as you like. If it’s a natural shape you’re after, the plugin makes it easy to spread out your sounds for a subtle finish.

The reaction from users suggests this might be one of the best stereo widening plugins you’ll find in 2021. You can download it for free for Windows or Mac after registering for an OZ-Soft user account.

Get your free VST plugin here.

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