This free piano VST plugin is perfect for lo-fi hip-hop

Wondering how to make lofi beats? Become a lofi hip-hop artist with this free Upright Piano VST from Audiolatry, providing simple, sweet melodies and fuzzy chords.

Image Credit: Audiolatry

A lovely new free Upright Piano VST from Audiolatry realistically samples a Kawai piano. The piano plugin has a sweet tone that would fit perfectly with Lo-Fi hip-hop, easy-listening pop songs or chill dance tracks.

The free piano VST plugin has a very simple interface, so it’s quick and easy to get to grips with the virtual instrument. There’s a few features like reverb, attack and release, and a high pass and lo pass filter. You can also adjust the volume of the keys release.

For a free plugin, the tone is very pleasant – no tinny toy piano sound here. Two velocity layers give it an airy feel. The no-frills sound is discreet enough to perfectly provide a gentle melody or fuzzy chords to anchor a lo-fi beat.

At the moment the plugin is available as a VST and VST3 for Windows only, though Audiolatry say a Mac version is in the works. You can pay what you like for Upright Piano, or get it for free.

Find out more and download the free VST here.

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