Image credit: Chris Karidis

Spotify have just announced their third price-increase in a year, but it’s only by 1.2% and in France.

French music lovers, we’re sorry to say that you are receiving the third price hike from Spotify within 12 months. Thankfully, your bill is only going to be a shruggable €0.13 more each month.

Why are Spotify raising their Premium prices in France to €11.12 a month? It’s because France has just introduced a new streaming tax. The tax demands a 1.2% levy from music streaming companies operating in the country whose sales exceed €20 million, so Spotify have passed on the cost to consumers.

The new tax will be used to fund France’s Centre national de la Musique. Streaming services hit out at the proposal, calling it the “worst possible outcome”. This didn’t sway the French government. However, France didn’t budge and now the streaming tax is in place. When the tax was put forward, Spotify pulled support for French music festivals.

Spotify’s 1.2% price hike applies to each of their Premium plans, including student, duo, and family. Spotify already increased their prices around the globe last year for the first time ever, to catch up to inflation and rising costs. They then announced another price increase in April this year.

So far, we haven’t heard of any other streaming services in the region who will be increasing their prices to offset France’s streaming tax. Other effected streamers include Apple Music and France’s own Deezer.

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