UnitedMasters distribute to many of the same top stores and streaming services as RouteNote, but hide some behind a yearly subscription.

UnitedMasters distribute music to platforms such as TIDAL, Pandora, Amazon Music, Deezer, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube Content ID and TikTok, but all of these stores require a paid SELECT subscription. Unlike UnitedMasters, RouteNote does not hide any features or stores behind a paywall. RouteNote can get your music onto TIDAL with zero upfront or recurring costs.

RouteNote leaves artists with 100% of the right to their music. This means even if you’re distributing your music elsewhere, you can still use RouteNote to fill the missing gaps. Just be sure to check your distributor does not hold exclusive rights to the music.

RouteNote is one of the leading music distributors for independent artists and labels. RouteNote provide free distribution to all major stores, streaming services and social platforms around the world including Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Shazam, Amazon Music, Deezer, TIDAL, Pandora, YouTube Music, YouTube Content ID, Facebook, Instagram, SoundCloud, TikTok, Resso and many more.

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