This Israeli reckons you do and they have the perfect suit to keep your guitar safe without the hassle of lugging it into a case.

The G-Suit is looking to put cases on guitars rather than put guitars in cases for an easy solution to keeping all of your guitar’s precious bits safe and tidy. The ‘suit’ slides onto your guitar neck to protect the fret-board and strings and allows you to simply wrap it around the guitar for protection.

The G-Suit is a sleeve made up of a solid, central body to keep it’s structure and ensure it fits onto the guitar neck comfortably and then soft ‘wings’ which wrap around the neck to keep it protected and safe without putting pressure on the strings or neck. Built with a soft velvet inner lining to kiss your wood and anti-slip strips prevent the G-Suit from slipping up your strings.

The G-Suit was dreamt up and created by Erez Hoffnung from Tel Aviv, Israel, a self confessed “guitar fanatic and former corporate attorney”. Once an aspiring entrepreneur, Hoffnung was facing a problem with storing his guitar which he says “every guitar player faces”. His solution allowed him to follow both dreams of working with guitars and becoming an entrepreneur.

Hoffnung says: “I wanted a way to keep my guitars out on a stand for easy access, without constantly having to dust them off and change rusty strings. Of course, putting my favourite guitars back in their case was no solution – so I had to find a way!”

They claim that the G-Suit can be applied and removed in less than 10 seconds using it’s two hidden rigid ledges on each of the wings which stabilise it’s application. It also folds in half so that you can easily pack it up and carry it around or store it without taking up space – much preferable to a giant, empty guitar case sitting in your living room whenever your guitar is out.

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Hoffnung is hoping to raise £9,129 on Kickstarter to help fund the launch of G-Suit. You can nab your own at a super early bird price of $30 from the Kickstarter page but be quick as they’ve almost run out!