DJ Mixes come to Spotify with a brand new global hub

Spotify’s new DJ Mixes hub brings extended mixes from the world’s top DJs on to the world’s favourite streaming platform.

A new global hub has launched on Spotify’s apps bringing mixes from DJs around the world to listeners around the world. The new spot for mixes will house all kinds of mixes from DJs including mixed albums from labels and artists, third party compilations, and original mixes released exclusively through Spotify.

Spotify announced the DJ Mixes hub last October, with an early release across certain territories and a limited selection of original mixes from DJs they’d worked with. With the expansion of DJ Mixes, now available in virtually every market around the world where Spotify is, they are releasing 7 new Spotify original DJ mixes. The DJ Mixes hub now features original mixes for Spotify from artists including:

  • &ME
  • Adam Beyer
  • AmyElle
  • Bleu Clair
  • Gabry Ponte
  • Idris Elba
  • Koven
  • MOTi
  • Nicky Romero
  • Noisia
  • Shingo Nakamura
  • Wax Motif

This brings Spotify’s total number of original mixes to 12. The incredible news sees Spotify open up to an area it has had to somewhat avoid in the past. Due to the difficulty of licensing all of the sampled content and remixed tracks within mixes, streaming services have had to stay away from them for the most part.

Despite Spotify’s deal with Dubset in 2016 – a company touting their software’s ability to detect samples even if they’ve been chopped and screwed – that seemed to promise the potential for sample freedom on Spotify, it amounted to very little. With their own official DJ Mixes hub now launching, Spotify are opening the platform to the longer work of producers and DJs.

Of course, the licensing issues haven’t disappeared and so the DJ Mixes hub will be closely managed to include original mixes released directly through Spotify. They will also be working more closely with publishers to allow their DJ Mixes on the platform whilst ensuring that all content adheres to licensing laws and that any rightsholders included in mixes are paid for streams.

The only territory that DJ Mixes aren’t currently available now is in the US.

DJ Mixes on Spotify through RouteNote

We will be working with some artists to bring their DJ mixes to Spotify through RouteNote. We’ll be reaching out to artists to offer the opportunity to upload their mixes through us to Spotify and hope to bring more to Spotify’s hub over time.

If you’re a DJ with your own unique mixes then we may get in touch with you about distributing your mixes, however at the moment you will not be able to apply to us for DJ Mix releases.

You are able to upload your mixes through RouteNote if you can ensure that you have the rights to all content in your mix and can prove it. You will need to credit any artists you have used or remixed in your metadata, provide proof of your rights to use any content to our team, and add ‘(artist name mix)’ to your track title.

If your mix is approved for release through RouteNote on a normal upload then it won’t be added to Spotify’s DJ Mixes hub but will be available to stream globally.

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