The world famous comic-cum-film-cum-everything franchise are bringing out brand new podcasts to be available exclusively on Spotify.

Yesterday I wrote about Kim Kardashian West signing an exclusive podcast deal with Spotify and I wondered how long it would be until another huge name signed up to Spotify’s blossoming, massive podcast library. Well here we are with one of the most recognisable comic brands in the world, behind only Marvel, now bringing podcasts to the music streaming service.

This week Spotify announced the multi-year deal for podcasts from the franchise behind Superman, Batman, and many of the other most recognisable comic book heroes in history. Their partnership will see new Spotify shows featuring the iconic characters of DC Comics.

The podcasts are tipped to be narrative-based following a new set of storytelling series. They are planning to produce a range of narratives based on existing characters from Warner Bros. and DC, but will also collaborate with the companies to create brand new IPs for future shows.

There are no fine details yet, nor do we have a date for the first shows to be released. But Spotify are promising more info coming soon as this story is – “To be continued…”.