Spotify’s radio-style shows are coming to an end as they look to stop running features that aren’t popular enough.

Did you know about Spotify’s Music + Talk podcasts? If not, then that’s probably why they are now being ended. These music-focused podcasts launched in 2020, allowing podcasters to intersperse their discussion with music for a radio-style experience.

With Music + Talk podcasts, creators could create a mix of their voice tracks and the licensed music available on Spotify’s platform. Whilst not unpopular, the feature hasn’t really been significant on Spotify – despite being the perfect platform for it. Whilst it only served a niche, creators within that niche are reportedly concerned. According to The Verge, a number of creators have shared that ending Music + Talk “effectively kills their ability to make their shows”.

That ‘sort-of liked’ standing is what has led to Spotify deciding to pull the plug on their Music + Talk podcasts among other services.Spotify CEO Daniel Ek said last week that they will be “killing things that sometimes, sort of work”. He stated that it is “a healthy thing to refocus and reenergise people on the things that really drive lots of value”

The music-in-podcast capability is being discontinued alongside their native podcast creation tools for web and mobile. This means that Spotify’s own recording and editing tools are being scrapped. Spotify wrote: “To better optimize the needs of creators today, we are refocusing our attention – and resources – from some of our legacy tooling to the next generation of podcast innovations.”

Based on their announcement, Spotify seem to be retiring their own creative tools in favour of strengthening their partnership with Riverside. Spotify are integrating Riverside’s audio and video recording and editing tools into the Spotify for Podcasters web hub.

Spotify adds: “We’re continually listening, learning, and iterating – all with the aim of making a greater impact on you and your show. Whether you’re an established podcaster or just starting out, we’re focused on building the platform you need to find success.”