Image credit: Haley Powers

An unbelievable majority of TikTok videos use music, revealing its power for artists in exposure and potential.

A new report reveals that nearly all TikTok videos featured music in them by the end of 2023. Pex released their analysis, revealing that nearly 85% of the videos on TikTok contained music.

They found that in 2023, a higher percentage of videos featured music than ever before. They also discovered that TikTok is the platform on which the most content uses music. YouTube follows shortly behind, with 84% of the videos on their platform featuring music.

Whilst TikTok creators clearly love music, they also love to change the music up. The study found that 31% of the tracks used on TikTok are speed or pitch-modified. This can sadly be damaging for artists. Pex wrote: “The issue with these edited songs is that they are typically not licensed by the creators who upload them… so, they drive streams for the modified versions over the originals, further exacerbating payment issues for music rightsholders.”

The study also looked at social media sites, Instagram and Facebook. Whilst Instagram offers a TikTok-like format with Reels, only 58% of their videos contain music. Facebook is even less musical, with less than half (49%) of their video content containing music.

How musicians can take advantage of TikTok

TikTok is one of the most popular platforms in the world. Music is integral to that experience. Artists have seen viral success after being used in popular videos or finding their song as the backing for a trend. Even already popular artists have seen resurgences thanks to TikTok – remember what the skating guy drinking cranberry juice did for Fleetwood Mac?

TikTok has a huge audience and millions of videos are uploaded every day. With 85% of those videos featuring music, there is an incomparable opportunity for artists to get their music in front of new ears and get discovered when their music is used in videos.

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