Spotify’s Music + Talk is growing – how do artists use it?

Image Credit: Spotify

Using Music + Talk artists can make their own radio station on Spotify to add commentary to their songs – and the mixes are now available around the world.

Last autumn, Spotify launched audio experience Music + Talk; mixes made by artists that combine music with commentary in between. Spotify promised to build further if there was an appetite for the shows – and it seems they were well received, as Spotify is now expanding the tool globally.

Music + Talk lets artists combine spoken word segments with full songs, giving more information about the song; perhaps adding a track-by-track commentary providing context for listeners.

The podcast experience is a little like listening to the radio, and the creator gets to play at being a radio show host. Creators can use Anchor to record and then choose from Spotify’s whole catalogue to add music to their dialogue.

Artists have embraced the format. For example, Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker broke down The Slow Rush album in The Slow Rush: A Deep Dive with Kevin Parker, giving fans a peep into his creative process. Columbian singer Camilo meanwhile made El Rincón de La Tribu con Camilo in lockdown, to celebrate his debut album and discuss what inspires him; there’s even a fanmail segment.

Spotify has also improved the experience for users. The tool is easier to find within the app, and Spotify have added a hub to put Music + Talk content in one place.

Music + Talk is expanding beyond the initial territories of Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Ireland and the US and UK to 15 more countries: Brazil, Japan, India, Spain, Philippines, Indonesia, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden, Mexico, Chile, Argentina, and Colombia. That’s a global reach for your musings about your music.

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