After a year out of the game the 21 year old producer is emerging triumphantly with his most ambitious release yet.

Zaza has solidified his position in electronic music long ago. He became the most streamed hip-hop producer in his home country Georgia when he was just a teenager. At just 21 the producer more streams than the country he hails from with fans all over the globe.

After a personal break from releasing music in the past year Zaza is back with a new EP of 3 tracks which he says are different from anything he has done before. They represent a rebirth of the artist who says he wrote them in a time of sadness.

“I lost myself but also I found myself as an artist at the same time,” Zaza says. “I found out that I was not just a trap music producer or a hip-hop beatmaker. I found out that I could do more and I could write everything.”

His most recent EP before EMPTY was titled ‘Summer’ and it unequivocally lived up to it’s name with sunny synths and cheerful beats to lounge around to. “My music contains happy vibes and I try my best to make everything positive,” he says. The sound on EMPTY EP feel fresh for the artist.

Whilst he hasn’t abandoned his roots, there is clearly a new dimension to these 3 new tracks that tell a more complicated tapestry of feeling behind the production.

That said, Zaza assures fans: “I wrote these when I was sad but it doesn’t mean they will make you sad. You have to just listen and relax. Think a little bit about your memories whilst listening to it.”

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