Vertigo Music brings together music streaming and live-streaming so you can listen and interact with friends and people around the world, because music is meant to be shared.

Vertigo Music is an app that dropped for iPhones earlier this week and introduces a brand new, unique way to listen to music and share your experience. As you listen to your favourite tunes on Spotify you can broadcast the stream to others, interact with listeners, commentate and the coolest thing of all – live-stream video so you can directly talk with friends and listeners during your stream.

Vertigo puts you in the place of a radio DJ with the unique ability to directly talk and interact with listeners, so you can finally live out your dream of broadcasting your favourite tracks and sharing it with the world. As you broadcast your music you can view live feedback from listeners or if you fancy sitting back and seeing what others have to offer, connect to other people’s streams and see what music they’re into and let them know what you think.

Vertigo Music’s full capabilities include:

  • Link your Spotify account to find songs, build playlists, and listen along with others.
  • Broadcast your music with the option to layer in live video and/or audio to enhance the moment.
  • Receive real-time feedback from broadcast viewers through live commenting.
  • Receive real-time feedback from broadcast viewers through live commenting.
  • Connect with others to tune into their broadcasts and discover new music and moments.
  • Share and post your favourite songs, artists, albums and playlists.

Vertigo Music app application Spotify stream iPhone broadcast live stream livestream

It’s not clear whether Vertigo has cleared licensing from Spotify but assumably with their integration it has been sorted already, probably by using your own Spotify account to stream others’ music. Vertigo also have plans to add Apple Music functionality “soon!”.

Vertigo Music is free and available from the Apple App Store now.