The big Live 12 update is here bringing the latest new features to Ableton’s beloved music production software.

Can you believe the day is really here? The new version of Ableton Live brings with it a bunch of new tools, new workflows, and an emphasis on working with MIDI in a wholly new way.

In the lead up to it’s launch, Ableton were offering Live 11 at a discount with a free upgrade to 12 – so we hope you made use of it! If you have then Ableton have launched a group of videos with creators to show you how to make use of some of their nifty new features in your own workflow.

And, if you didn’t bag the discount then find out what you could be getting below and you may well be convinced to pay full price regardless. It’s here if you want it.

You can read our article with all the new features dropping Ableton Live 12 below.

24 “small” features with Brian Funk

Brian Funk picks out some of the lesser-known workflow upgrades and creative features in Live 12.

Roar walkthrough with Sonic Bloom

Go deep into Live 12’s dynamic coloring and saturation device with Madeleine Bloom.

MIDI Transformations with Side Brain

Learn to reshape your melodies in unexpected ways with MIDI Transformations.

Drum & Bass in Live 12 with STRANJAH

STRANJAH explores the new features through the prism of drum & bass production.

Chord overview with Low Heat Beats

See what the reimagined Chord device can do in combination with the new Keys and Scales feature.