Designed to streamline the process of enhancing lows, Base Relfex offers a comprehensive set of controls to effortlessly tighten and punch up bass.

Akin to Waves Audio’s ‘Lo-Air’, Base Reflex promises to give you quick fixes for tightening the low-end. Surgically doing so can be time-consuming, especially with inexperience.

Add punch and enhance your bass with just a few knobs

Base Reflex from Relex Acoustics offers a low-band compressor, gate, and a saturation effect plugin designed to warm, enhance and tighten low frequencies in a mix. As a result, Base Reflex delivers impact and professional low-end without compromising the EQ balance or overall loudness of the track.

Like all plugins in the developers’ catalogue, the interface design is pretty unique in preserving the dated style of older plugins. Most developers these days opt for minimalist, matte colour-based designs, and while they’re very pretty they tend to start looking very similar.

Base Reflex’s interface is nevertheless intuitive, making its powerful feature set all the more accessible. Features include:

  1. Low-Band Processor: an adjustable crossover frequency from 50Hz to 300Hz makes for easy targeting of specific frequency ranges within the low-end. The solo function meanwhile provides easy monitoring of the low-band processing.
  2. Automatic Compression Threshold: the Compression knob determines the threshold of compression, maintaining optimal dynamics within the signal.
  3. Variable Attack and Release: Fine-tune the attack and release times to tailor the dynamic processing and balance transparency with impact.
  4. Simple Automatic Gate: a straightforward, automatic gate with an adjustable range (up to 6dB) managing unwanted noise and artefacts.
  5. Low-Band Saturation: subtle low-band saturation delivered warmth and bolstering character with automatic gain-staging preserving clarity and definition.
  6. Parallel Processing and Mid-Side Processing: dual gain-matched dry/wet mix controls for dynamics and saturation, as well as mid-side processing with 100% unlinked functionality and a mono option for the low band.
  7. Automatic Make-Up Gain: the plugin automatically applies make-up gain to match perceived loudness, ensuring consistency and coherence in the final output.

Pricing and compatibility

Base Reflex is available for Windows and Mac in VST3 and AU formats, with AAX support slated for future release. Priced at $25, this new plugin from Reflex Acoustics promises to streamline workflows for producers struggling to elevate their low-end.