The company behind the global social giant TikTok have expanded their social music streaming service.

Bytedance’s Resso differs from traditional sharing services with a suite or social sharing services that makes streaming a more interactive and communal activity. As of the 11th March it is now available in Indonesia.

Resso puts some of the world’s biggest streaming services to shame with it’s set of features. It displays real-time lyrics which is something that even Spotify are still trying to implement. Listeners can take parts of songs that they love and share them on social media to spread their love of music.

That’s what sets Resso apart from being any old streaming competitor, it has a heavy focus on sharing what your listening to and less plainly than a simple Instagram story share. Resso users can comment on songs to start discussions about it. They can even get involved with GIFs and video clips.

Resso are partnered with most of the major labels and plan to work with local labels to expand their offerings. The service is like Spotify and runs on a Freemium basis with the option of paying for a subscription to download tracks and listen without ad interruptions.

They aren’t alone in Indonesia and face competition from services like YouTube Music and Spotify. They’re hoping that their unique approach to music streaming will carve them their own niche to bring in a bunch of Indonesian listeners.