BTS label and Universal to join forces and search for the next big K-pop boy band

Image Credit: Universal Music Group

New US K-pop label JV will be launched for the band by Geffen Records and Big Hit Entertainment, and the company partnership will also create new global opportunities for artists and fans.

In a statement Big Hit Entertainment and Universal Music Group have announced a newly expanded partnership, to further the global reach of K-pop music and culture.

Amongst the reveal was the announcement of the upcoming assembly of a brand-new K-pop group. It’s the first time ever that a K-pop boy band has been developed in the US. There’ll be a global audition process, à la The Voice, to find the new band members, which will air next year on a major US media partner.

The K-pop boy band will be released under the new JV label created by Big Hit and Universal Music Group’s Geffen Records. Get ready to see the same full seamless production from the new boy band as massive K-pop stars BTS, a globe-conquering formula of fashion, music, and dedicated fan service.

The partnership will also see Universal Music Group fully utilise Big Hit’s Weverse, which is a community-based platform in which fans can interact, purchase products and hear new content from their favourite artists. Yungblud will be part of the next wave of talent joining Weverse, joining artists like Alexander 23 who have already been active on the platform.

The announcement was made via VenewLive, the livestreaming platform which Universal Music Group recently invested in alongside Big Hit and YG Entertainment.

Sir Lucian Grainge, Chairman & CEO, Universal Music Group, said: “With their innovative approach to developing artists and embracing new technology, Big Hit has become one of the most dynamic companies in music entertainment. We’re thrilled to be working together as we launch a new joint venture between our companies that will further accelerate K-pop as a global cultural phenomenon.”

And so the global K-pop renaissance continues. Both Universal Music Group and Big Hit Entertainment clearly see the massive potential in a strategy that further expands K-pop music and culture across the world.

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