Image Credit: YouTube

YouTube Music are doubling down on making their music platform a better and more personal listening experience for users in 2021.

Last year, YouTube Music finally took on the role of Google’s primary music service after Google Play Music was retired. It’s felt for a long time like YouTube Music has been playing catch-up to it’s predecessor but in 2021 it’s starting to truly feel like a fully built service and things are only going to get better.

Speaking on YouTube’s Blog, their Chief Product Officer Neal Mohan speaks about how they’re going to be expanding and innovating on the world’s favourite video platform. Whilst it mostly focused on new video features like a 4K package for TV and new features for creators, there is also mention of YouTube Music.

Mohan promises that they’re going to be launching more personalised mixes for every user, centred around moods and activities that listeners can jump into for different situations and feelings. They’ll also be expanding the possibilities for users creating their own playlists whilst making user-made playlists more available for everyone to discover.

Since launching in 2018, YouTube Music has collated a catalogue of over 70 million official tracks. The platform also uses YouTube to offer unique content from their video site including music videos, live performances, covers, and more.

YouTube have recently been testing Shorts, their answer to TikTok. Currently available in India, the feature lets users record and cut 5-60 second long clips of video and set it to music for quick, shareable and fun videos.