Brand New Pack of 150 Drum Machines All Completely Free from Kontakt

A brand new pack of rare and exciting drum machines has recently become available online and the best part about it is that they’re completely free!

This new vintage pack contains 150 drum machines all complete with custom graphics and controls for each one. The drum machines available include some of the rarest around such as a vintage Wurlitzer and a Video Tech Rhythmic.

Not only does it come with rarities but some of the leading experts in the field as well such as : Acetone, Casio, Kawai, Korg, Linn, Sequential and many more.

The Mappings and the added extra features do require the full version of Kontakt but this is easy to come by at .

Although Kontakt may be reasonably pricey, it is cutting edge in the world of sampling and instrument building. Kontakt is the leading brand of sampling software coming with over 43GB of content.

Once you have acquired Kontakt, you can then run this crazy new drum pack allowing you to create custom machines and controls to the sound that best fits you.

You can individually control different parts of the kit meaning you can change the kick, snare, hi- hat, cymbals and toms completely individually to each other.

They have also integrated a general MIDI mapping system into the pack, so instead of spending forever searching around for your favourite sound, you can find it instantly.

This mega drum machine pack can be found, for free, at, and all in all, it is a brilliant deal, a huge selection of expert brand drum machines, all in one place, completely free!

To find out more about this exciting pack you can watch it in action: 

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