No, like, seriously… Boss have a pocket sized effect module that your guitar plugs straight into with over 100 amps and effects coming out.

The Pocket GT is a soon to launch effects package from Boss that basically puts it’s middle finger up to pedal boards everywhere. With a direct input and both amp modelling and effect units built in you can plug straight in and output your powerful variety of guitar sounds to sound cards, speakers, and earphones.

It uses their sound engine packed inside their GT-1 multi-effects pedal however the size negates the pedals. In fact, the size obviously limits control quite a lot and it’s unlikely you’ll be switching sounds in the middle of playing with this but that brings us to its primary function: a guitar learning module.

Using its companion app and integrated YouTube learning tool users will use it to learn from a variety of videos with hundreds of sounds at their disposal. Setting video markers in the guitar tutorial videos does actually allow you to change guitar tones without touching it – though it doesn’t seem like you’ll be able to do that outside of their YouTube tool.

Whilst it’s primary function is as a learning tool it seems to me like a sick little package for recording. You can plug it up and use it as an audio interface to record into your DAW, phone, and other devices. With so much potential from its sound bank there’s plenty to play with.

Here’s what it promises:

  • Ultra-compact guitar amp/effects processor with powerful integrated learning features
  • Companion BOSS Tone Studio app (iOS/Android/Mac/Windows) with built-in YouTube browser and deep tone editing tools
  • Create video song lists and set A/B markers to repeat sections
  • Assign user memories to markers and change sounds automatically during video playback
  • Authentic GT sound engine with over 100 amps and effects, ready to play with zero latency
  • 99 user memories (amp and effects settings compatible with the floor-based GT-1 guitar processor)
  • Wirelessly stream music over Bluetooth or connect via the Aux In jack
  • Control song/video playback with dedicated hardware buttons
  • Center Cancel function reduces the volume of guitar solos and vocals in videos and music tracks
  • Built-in rechargeable battery with up to four hours of runtime
  • Onboard tuner with dedicated button for fast access
  • USB audio interface for recording in desktop music software
  • Download additional patches at BOSS Tone Central

Boss’s Pocket GT is set to launch late this month or early October and will cost $249.99. You can find out more on their website.