Image credit: Fender (Alexa Viscius)

Fender releases ‘Artist Playbook’ – a guide to navigating the music industry as an independent artist.

Fender recently launched their ‘Artist Playbook’, a step-by-step guide for emerging and independent artists to help them navigate their way through the music industry. It covers a variety of subjects from music releases, NFT’s, Digital marketing tips, and much more. The document’s focal points as a whole are social media, livestreaming, release strategy, and digital marketing. It’s essentially a toolkit to help you make a success out of the tools available to you in today’s world. 

The Fender ‘Artist Playbook’ was created in conjunction with professional musician, artist, best-selling author, and host of the New Music Business podcast, Ari Herstand. In addition to this Fender has also released an article on their website that breaks down the playbook and gives a checklist that independent and emerging artists should be following. 

You can view the article here and download and read the ‘Artist Playbook’ here.