Behringer’s secret, teased synth reveals name and loads of controls


Behringer have been intriguing us the past month with teasers for a new synthesiser in short, unrevealing videos but now we have a name and a proper look at what ‘Deep Mind 12’ can do.

With a name like Deep Mind 12 you get an idea of the ambition Behringer has with their new synth and that’s confirmed in it’s design. The analogue polyphonic synth is packed full of effects and features giving you an almost unlimited number of sounds to play with.

Some of the secrecy may be shattered now but what Behringer have revealed is enough to get any synthusiast excited. In their new video with the name reveal we get a good look at the Synth’s built-in digital screen which reveals yet more to the extent that you can customise the parameters, routing and effects with Behringer’s Deep Mind 12.  The video also slyly suggests that you can connect the synth up to an iPad for even more functionality – it shows a number of effect and output racks with in-depth visual editors.

Behringer synthesiser deep mind synth synthesizer

Along with the new teaser, the team got to to get a really in-depth look at the Deep Mind 12 and talk to the engineering team behind it. You can watch their video below to find out all there is to know about this impressive and feature-laden synthesiser. Behringer currently haven’t revealed a release date or price yet, so there’s still some mystique left to be uncovered.

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